The Weather Network working on restoring service after cybersecurity incident

The Weather Network says it’s working on restoring functionality to its app and website have been after being impacted by a cybersecurity incident on Tuesday.

In a social media post Wednesday, parent company Perlmorex Corp. confirmed that it was continuing to be affected by a cybersecurity incident connected to a third-party software provider.

“Cyber security experts have been engaged and the investigation is ongoing,” the company said. “Relevant authorities have been notified about the incident.”

As of Thursday evening, The Weather Network’s app and website were not functioning properly. French-language version Méteomédia is impacted as well.

Perlmorex also operates Canada’s Alert Ready emergency warning system, but stated it has not been affected. The company adds that it has reported the incident to “relevant authorities.”

“We are working tirelessly to restore our notification functionality to you as soon as possible,” a Thursday statement from the Weather Network said. “Users can also expect to see a steady restoration of our other services and weather information over the next couple of days.”

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