Government should be more transparent about tech costs, says PBO report | CBC News

MPs and Senators should ask the government to reveal more information on how much it is investing in digital technology, a new report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer recommends.

In a report made public Friday, Yves Giroux’s office said there is little information available on how much recent technological changes in how services are delivered have cost Canadians.

“Parliamentarians may wish to request that the Government increase transparency by providing comprehensive information on IT investment, costs and savings to strengthen the assessment of spending performance and guide decision making,” says the report authored by analyst Jason Stanton.

The report was prepared in response to a request from Sen. Colin Deacon, who tabled a motion in the Senate in the spring.

It called on the Canadian government “to replace its outdated program delivery and information technology systems by urgently accelerating the implementation of user-friendly, digital solutions that transform the public service delivery experience of Canadians, and ultimately reduces the cost of program delivery.”

More to come.

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