Fright Fest 2023: What’s new at Six Flags Great America this Halloween

The Halloween season has begun.

Six Flags Great America is getting ready to launch the 32nd year of their Fright Fest Halloween event. We were at the park earlier this week to check out the work that was underway. Crews were all over – setting up tombstones, propping up the creepy clowns, putting the finishing touches on haunted houses and more.

If you’ve never been to the event, the entire park is transformed into a spooky spectacular. During the day, you can expect the regular thrills, but come nightfall the monsters come out. There are nine “scare zones” set up throughout the park. As you are walking around these, costumed characters will jump out or just be mingling around. Here are a few more things you can expect at this year’s fest:

Haunted Houses

There are six different haunted houses this season. Two of them are new, including:

  • Saw X – This is a somewhat new concept for Six Flags and Great America. The park has partnered with the movie studio Lionsgate to operate a haunted house based on the upcoming horror film Saw X. We weren’t able to take a look at the inside of this house yet. It’s located in the County Fair section of the park. Great America says guests will try to survive “terrifying traps in the untold chapter of his most personal game yet.” Sound fun?
  • The Estate at Wretched Meadows – This new house is set in the 1960s. The theme is a sprawling manor that has been home to multiple families, each one experiencing strange phenomena inside the home. I was given a preview of this house and even with a bright camera light following me, I jumped quite a few times. It should be even more sinister with the lights off. It’s located in the Southwest Territory section of the park. I will post my walkthrough of the haunted house after it airs on WGN Morning News!

Kids Boo Fest

Six Flags is continuing its offerings for younger kids during the daytime hours at Fright Fest. Boo Fest will feature a few different experiences until 5pm. They include:

  • BOO-Yeah! Parade – This festive parade and dance party is new this year.
  • Candy Corn Lane – Friendly characters will hand out candy to kids on this trick or treating trail.
  • Monster Bash Dance Party – There will be a new stage in front of the Grand Music Hall where this show will take place throughout the day.
  • Not So Scary Story Time – Friendly characters will read Halloween stories to the kids.

Six Saints Cemetery

This isn’t new but it’s one of my favorite areas of Fright Fest. The crew at Great America goes into the scrap yard and finds bits and pieces of many of the rides of the past that have been removed from the park. They set them up in an old ride cemetery. It’s a fun blast from the past that will probably bring back some memories. It had me wondering where they keep all of this old stuff ….. and why?

I snapped some pictures. Do you remember any of these old rides?

Fright Fest officially kicks off this Saturday, September 16th. It runs select dates through October 29th. You can find more information on their website here.

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