Coca-Cola Launches its First Flavor co-Created by AI –

Coca-Cola has announced the launch of Coca-Cola 3000, the new limited edition Zero Sugar flavor from its Coca-Cola Creations innovation platform.

The company explains that it is a “futuristic” bet in which, for the first time, the flavor has been co-created with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and that it also reaches a selection of markets around the world, including Europe, the United States, Canada, China and Africa.

The launch also includes a new shared experience in line with the brand’s ‘Real Magic’ philosophy.

In this case, it’s an AI-powered proposition that will give consumers the chance to travel back to the year 3000 and discover what the future may look like.

To do this, you will only need to scan the can and enter the ‘Creations Hub’, where you will be able to see the future through customizable lenses.

“Our ambition with Coca-Cola Creations is to create magical and unexpected moments for our consumers. Inspired by the timelessness that has always characterized Coca-Cola, we want to celebrate the different ways we all have of imagining the future,” says Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy of The Coca-Cola Company.

Likewise, Vlad highlighted that “with the help of AI-driven technology, Coca-Cola Creations 3000 Zero Sugar imagines what a Coca-Cola will taste like in the future, also introducing innovative experiences with which to explore what life will be like inside thousands of years.”


Coca-Cola has created this experience by using Human and Artificial Intelligence to understand how fans around the world imagine the future through, for example, emotions, aspirations, colors or flavors.

These responses, combined with artificial intelligence, were “key” for Coca-Cola to create the “unique flavor” of 3000, the company details.

The new Coca-Cola Creations is presented in a packaging with a futuristic design, in a 33cl Sleek can format, which highlights the use of light and the presence of the Creations logo floating between effervescent bubbles.

For its part, Coca-Cola‘s traditional Spencerian Script has been created with a succession of dots that merge to represent the human connections of the planet in the future.

The intention is that this design, also co-created with Artificial Intelligence, shows the liquid in a changing and evolutionary state through changes in shape and color.


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