Thousands afoot at Queen City Marathon – Regina |

For another year in a row, the Queen City marathon kicked off on Sunday.

4,500 runners took to the street of Regina, in mid-20s degree weather and some mildly smoky conditions.

Race director Shawn Wiemer said that tough conditions are what bring out the most dedicated runners.

“Heat is going to bring some disadvantages. A lot of that comes down to how you trained and what you did out there on the course. Adversity is part of the running and I think that’s something runners really like about it, regardless if its negative 40 or plus 40,” he said.

Samantha Parsons and Bob Neufeld were two of the many runners in the race.

“I’ve done this 23 years in a row,” Neufeld said.  “It gets harder and harder every year. It’s all mental,” he said.

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The two encouraged those who run to keep pushing their limits and others to give it a try.

“If I can do it, anyone can do it,” Parsons said.

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