There Are Red Dresses And Then There Are Snazzy Red Structural Dresses That Zendaya Wears To Perfection

There Are Red Dresses And Then There Are Snazzy Red Structural Dresses That Zendaya Wears To Perfection

Zendaya looks her finest

Zendaya’s personal style is hard to put a finger on. It’s experimental, it’s undefined, and it’s limitless, really. Her looks aren’t always conventionally appealing and often push hard against boundaries but that’s possibly why Zendaya holds iconic status in the world of fashion, at just 27, no less. So when the Hollywood actress wore a red dress, you could be sure it wasn’t like any other red dress you’d seen before. Zendaya shared photos of herself wearing a dress that came in a classic shade of crimson of a sophisticated silhouette but with structural elements that made it stand out. It featured a deep V-neckline with rolled trim with a corset-style bodice leading to a flared fit from waist-down. She made it clear that she wanted all the attention on that stunner of a dress so Zendaya styled it sans accessories or jewellery. Her hair was slicked back in a bun and completing it was a red pout with luminescent skin and contoured cheeks.

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Zendaya’s recent birthday outfit was also one you’d probably never expect because it was a co-ord set like no other. Along with a printed flared skirt, her open-front flouncy sleeved Collina Strada top was paired with a tiny silver bralette. Once again, a sleek bun and radiant makeup were her pairings of choice.

There was also the time Zendaya represented Valentino from head-to-toe, very literally. The actress wore a sheer black bodysuit with the designer monogram which covered her body from her torso to her toes. She wore it with an oversized black sparkling blazer and shorts underneath. Pointed pumps, a dark lip and Hollywood curls completed the outfit.

When Zendaya is around, basic leaves the room.

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