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G-20 Declaration: The New Delhi Declaration has been passed by consensus during the G20 Summit.

At the beginning of the second session on Saturday, India Prime Minister Modi gave this information as the chairman. After this he passed the New Delhi Declaration with the consent of all the member countries.

After the declaration was passed, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that all countries have accepted the New Delhi Declaration. He said- All the leaders have agreed that G20 is not a platform to discuss political issues. Everyone has discussed important issues related to the economy.

Ukraine war has been mentioned 4 times in this manifesto. At the same time, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that we got the presidency in challenging times. The G20‘s joint declaration runs into 37 pages. There are total 83 paragraphs in it. This has been called the New Delhi Declaration.

The main proposals included in this can be seen below…

All countries will work on Sustainable Development Goals. One Future Alliance will be formed on India’s initiative.

All countries should work according to the rules of the UN Charter.

Bio fuel alliance will be formed. Its founding members will be India, America and Brazil.

Emphasis will be laid on one earth, one family, one future.

Multilateral development banks will be strengthened. They will be made better, bigger and more effective.

Emphasis will be placed on the priorities of the Global South.

There will be talks about making a global policy regarding cryptocurrency.

In order to make a better system regarding debt, India has insisted on making a common framework.

The fastest growing cities in the world will be funded.

Work will be done on green and low carbon energy technology.

All countries have criticized all forms of terrorism. Terrorism was mentioned 9 times.

Launch of Global Biofuel Alliance

PM Modi launches Global Biofuel Alliance. During this, US President Biden, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and heads of state of Brazil, Argentina and Italy were also present. After this, PM Modi said in his address that increasing connectivity is a priority for India.

Important points of PM Modi’s address…

A historic agreement was reached today. India gave top priority to connectivity. We do not limit it to regional boundaries.

Connectivity is a source of confidence building in all countries. In this, it is necessary to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.

Increasing connectivity is India’s priority. Investment is taking place in infrastructure in India.

We are sowing the seeds of development for future generations. I thank everyone on this occasion.

Work is being done on the infrastructure gap in the countries of the Global South. Strong connectivity and infrastructure are the basis of development.

India Middle East Europe Connectivity Corridor will start.

Permanent membership of G20 to African Union on India’s proposal

In the first session of the summit, India had proposed to make the African Union a permanent member of the G20. As soon as PM Modi passed it with the consent of all the countries as the President, African Union head Ajali Asomani went and hugged PM Modi. India’s proposal was also supported by China and the European Union. 55 countries of Africa will benefit from getting membership in the union.

Modi said – a crisis of trust has arisen in the world

PM said that after Corona, a crisis of trust has arisen in the world. The war has further deepened this crisis. When we can defeat Corona, we can also overcome this crisis of trust through mutual discussion. This is the time to walk together.

Prime Minister welcomes foreign guests

On Saturday morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi received the foreign heads of state who reached Bharat Mandapam. He hugged British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and informed US President Joe Biden about the Konark Chakra built in Bharat Mandapam.

Presidents of China, Russia and Spain did not arrive

The heads of some  countries are not attending the summit G20. These include Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Apart from this, Sanchez of Spain will also not be able to attend this summit. He has been found corona positive.

Suspense on agreement between both sides on Russia-Ukraine war

In the last G-20 summit, a consensus could not be reached among the member countries regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia and China then distanced themselves from the comments made about the war. According to the agency, the same challenge is currently in front of India as well. According to the reports of the news agency, no consensus has yet been reached regarding the Ukraine war in the manifesto.

At the same time, the main issues of India are being included in the manifesto of G-20. G-20 countries can agree to contribute 5% to help the countries stuck in debt. In the last G-20 meeting, these countries had made more than 3900 commitments in this regard, out of which only about 67% were fulfilled. There seems to be an agreement on handing over the economic offenders to each other. Will finalize the legal document.

Defense sources said that in view of the G20 summit, the Indian Air Force is operating its Falcon AWACS aircraft to keep an eye on the air space across the country including Delhi. It is called the eye of the sky.

Hindon Airbase, Ambala, Sirsa, Bhatinda Defense Airbase, airports built around Delhi have been put on alert mode. Apart from fighter jet Rafale, anti-drone system, the Air Force has deployed missiles that can hit targets at a distance of 70 to 80 kilometers.

Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems are deployed to detect any unknown aircraft or missile. Air Force’s first indigenous surveillance aircraft ‘Netra’ will monitor the air space of Delhi region.

Helicopters are deployed near Bharat Mandapam for NSG operations in emergency. More than 200 commandos have been trained in such operations.


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