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NEW DELHI: India’s robust leadership played a pivotal role in facilitating a consensus among G20 leaders during intense discussions at the summit on Saturday, news agency Reuters reported quoting a senior European Union official on Sunday.
“(The) Indian presidency has been very strong and after intense negotiations, the unanimous outcome was quite productive,” the EU official told Reuters.
“Without India’s leadership it would not have been possible,” the official, who was aware of the G20 talks but sought anonymity, added.
On Saturday, India made a historic mark and showcased its influence on the global stage by achieving consensus on over 100 agenda items, including the highly contentious Russia-Ukraine conflict. G20 leaders officially adopted the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration.
Prime Minister Modi expressed gratitude in a post, saying, “United in consensus and spirit, we pledge to work collaboratively for a better, more prosperous, and harmonious future. My gratitude to all fellow G20 members for their support and cooperation.” This achievement followed intense negotiations, lasting over 200 hours, as described by India’s sherpa, Amitabh Kant, who referred to the process as “tense and rigorous.” The declaration, spanning 34 pages, also featured Modi’s assertion that “this is not the era of war,” a sentiment in line with the Bali Declaration.
The breakthrough was made possible through India’s successful efforts in garnering support from emerging economies such as Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia. India effectively conveyed the urgency of the situation by invoking Prime Minister Modi’s name, sending a clear message that there was no time to waste. Kant explained, “Eventually, we had to tell them that our leader wants it, and it has to be delivered.”
The news of this achievement was first reported online by TOI shortly after 1pm on Saturday.
The EU official, who was privy to the G20 talks but preferred to remain anonymous, commended the Indian presidency for its strong leadership. They emphasized that after strenuous negotiations, the unanimous outcome was highly productive and credited India’s leadership as instrumental in achieving this result, particularly in shaping the summit declaration.
The declaration, adopted at the onset of the two-day G20 summit, refrained from explicitly condemning Russia for its actions in Ukraine. Instead, it urged all nations to refrain from using force to assert territorial claims. Additionally, G20 leaders called for the implementation of the Black Sea initiative to ensure the safe flow of grain, food, and fertilizer between Ukraine and Russia.
The EU official noted that Russia did not offer any response or commentary on the Black Sea grain agreement. This isolation of Russia was evident after the summit. The official expressed the view that President Putin should have participated in the summit, engaging in discussions and hearing criticisms from European and global leaders. However, President Putin chose not to attend.
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